About lpc2468-utils:

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lpc2468-utils aims to promote rapid robotics development by providing modular open-source hardware and software components to end users. These components include a set of command-line control software for the Olimex LPC-E2468 development board running Tortek's uClinux 2.6 Port, and various processor-agnostic circuit board schematics for common electronics hardware. The software is written in C and C++ using ARM CodeSourcery G++ Lite. The circuit schematics have been developed in KiCAD.

You can download files related to our project at the following locations:

About Us:

The NERDS team wants to put a LASER on the moon with the lpc2468-utils project. Seriously.

Nakagawa's Exploration Research and Design Team (NERDS) started out as an undergraduate research group in the Center for Space Resources at the Colorado School of Mines. Our goal was to promote space exploration by developing excavation hardware for in-situ resource utilization on the moon. Over the years our team has participated in several competitions related to lunar excavation including the 8th Continent Project's 2007 Lunar Ventures Business Proposal Competition and the NASA's 2008 and 2009 Regolith Excavation Challenges. As a practical application of the lpc2468-utils project we are currently upgrading the electronics hardware in our robot, the Lunar Applied Science and Engineering Rover (LASER).

Current members of the team are:

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Mark Gefreh (Hardware)- Mark develops a majority of the electronics hardware for the lpc2468-utils project. Mark currently works as a Systems Engineer for Sierra Nevada Corp. in Louisville, CO.

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Daniel Miller (Software)- Daniel develops a majority of the software for the lpc2468-utils project. Daniel currently develops 3D modeling and analysis software for Boulder-based Keymark Enterprises, LLC.

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